Check me out....I won something!

Over the summer I got the news that I'd been chosen as one of Jewish Woman International's Women to Watch.

Yesterday, Adam and Lucy and I spent the day in Washington, D.C., for the awards ceremony and symposium. It was an amazing afternoon, in large part because of the achievements of the other honorees -- a very high-powered group.

There was a woman about my age who founded a national organization that pairs up young Jewish women who have breast cancer .... and a woman whose book tells the story of her son's murder by terrorists.

Needless to say, I felt like the underachieving little sister in that kind of company. But I think I managed to hold my own during the symposium (although Adam says I should never again have to answer a question right after a woman who's lost a child).

The crowd was warm and friendly and funny and had many nice things to say about my books and, far more importantly, about Lucy's behavior and sass little outfit (Hanna Anderson polka dots!)

And the girl behaved admirably during the luncheon, although the night before, not so much.

She'd be lying in her crib, babbling -- "La la ta da bla da." And then she'd stop. And Adam and I would start drifitng off to sleep, and just as we were dozing, she'd start up again -- "Da da da da ta ga kheee...." Like, "Oh, yeah, and I forgot to tell you...."

Funny stuff.

And, like I said, I won something!

The Jewish Woman of the Year comes along with an actual award, a pyramid-shaped glass structure with a beautiful illustration of Miriam and her handmaidens dancing.

It's sitting proudly on my bookcase, and I am resisting temptation to refer to it as the Jewie.