I think that any author who has a baby gets asked this at some point: "Are you going to write a book for children?"

(I doubt, however, that every author gets asked, as I did at a recent appearance, "You have so much joy and energy! Are you going to have more babies?" I was caught so off-guard that I couldn't think up a good response until the drive home -- the response that would have been, of course, "Did my mother tell you to ask that?")

Anyhow. My stock answer on the children's book question is, "No, I'm not a celebrity." Also, I think that there are so many really wonderful children's books out there that I'd just be glutting the market.

I do, however, occasionally fantasize about a Baby Zagat's Guide.

The "ORGANIC PEAS" in the "SMALL GLASS BOTTLE" had an "UNAPPEALING" "GREENISH-GRAY" color and a "RUNNY" consistency. However, because of the waitstaff's "CAJOLING, INSISTENT" manner, you'll more than likely find yourself "EATING SEVERAL BITES" and even "SUCKING THE BIB" afterwards.