I got called for jury duty.

I don't have to go to jury duty, do I? Because of the baby, right? Except I feel weird writing down "recently had baby" under the space for "extreme hardship." I mean, she's a very nice baby! Easygoing! Sleeps well! Enjoys her mushy peaches!

Anyhow. My Mom is here. After some difficulty.

There were the preparatory phone calls, which commenced Sunday morning.

Mom: "Jenny! I'm online! But the website won't let me buy a train ticket?"

Me (blearily): "Huh?"

Mom: "It wants my credit card security code! But I don't know what that is! Or where to find it!"

Me: "Isn't there a screen you can click that says Show Me Where to Find My Security Code?"

Mom: "Yes, I....Oh! Oh no! It erased everything I'd typed in! Do I have to do it all over again?"

Then there was The Long Walk.

See, her train was supposed to get here at just before six o'clock, and our nefarious plan was to have her take a cab to our house, hand over the baby, and scoot off to a 6:50 showing of "School of Rock."

At 6:10, no Mom.

6:15: No Mom.

At 6:20 I called her cell phone. "Hello?"

Me: "Where are you?"

Mom: "I'm on Walnut Street and....wait, I'm coming up to a corner....Sixth! Walnut and sixth!"

Me: "Mom, are you walking?!?!"

Mom: "Well, I was sitting on a train for four hours! Of course I'm walking!"

Understand that the train station is, like, four miles away from our house. I hung up the phone and looked at Adam in we're-missing-Jack-Black disgust. "Who would walk all the way from the train station?"

Adam shrugged. "Didn't you walk back from the train station last time you were there? With the baby?"

He has a point.

In other Mom news, she's cleaning out the attic, and arrived with my high school diploma in tow. Why she thinks I need this, I have no idea.

Meanwhile, I am reading at the Haverford Library Wednesday night, so if you're in Haverford, or support libraries, and are over The Bachelor, please stop by.

And, in a note for Philadelphians, Philadelphia Cares is having its big fundraiser on November 21 at the Loews Hotel, and I am going to be a celebrity bartender, even though I am neither a celebrity nor a bartender. (No, I have no idea how many actual celebrities turned them down before they asked me. My guess is double digits.)

Anyhow, it's a wonderful charity and should be a fun event, so come on out and permit me to open your beer.