From the Because I'm an Idiot, That's Why department...

There's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to say it: I dumped a latte on my laptop.

I was sitting in my coffee shop, happily typing away on Book Three, when, oops, elbow met coffee. There was an ominous sizzling sound. The screen flickered, then went black. And no matter how I mopped and fretted and prayed to the gods of the motherboard, the machine was dead.

The good people at tech support assure me that I probably won't lose any documents, and that in ten to fourteen working days I'll have my laptop back. But it's a bummer. Especially because I had such good news to report.

Last night Adam and I got to go to the Directors Guild of America dinner honoring, among others, Curtis Hanson, who's going to be directing IN HER SHOES.

We spent the cocktail hour scoping for celebrities, and I spent dinner grilling the very patient casting director for news about who's going to be in the movie.

"I can't tell you," he demurred during the salad course.

"Oh, c'mon," I begged. "I'm a stay-at-home mom in Philadelphia. Who am I going to spill the beans to?"

"Curtis doesn't want me talking about it," he said as dinner was served.

"Oh, just give me a hint," I wheedled. "Initials? Sounds like? Rhymes with? Number of syllables?"

Suffice it to say that after more than an hour of pumping the poor guy like a mostly-empty keg, by the time dessert was served, I had names.

Nothing official, but I know some of the people being considered. And it's all tremendously exciting, and I hope to have something official to say by the time my computer comes back.