Weird. Weird. It's just getting too weird.

Today Adam and Lucy and I set out with Lucy bedecked in her brand-new and quite fetching dress/legging/sock set. We went to the park where Lucy had her second-ever voyage on a baby-safe, bucket-style swing.

She can't quite make up her mind whether she likes it or not -- when she's swinging toward you, and you're crouched down in front of her with your arms open wide saying "Lucy! Wheee! Swing!" she gets this big smile on her face. When she's swinging away from you, she becomes very worried-looking, and does the Lower Lip Quiver of Imminent Misery. Then she swings toward you! And she's giggling! And happy! Then she moves away and she's scared! and sad!

Happy! Sad! Happy! Sad!

It's the Mood Swing!

Byt after a few minutes she decides that she's just going to be sad, and the swing ride is over.

We left the park and headed to the Superfresh. Adam took the baby inside. I sat on a bench with Wendell. After a few minutes, an old woman exited the store, muttering to herself. "I need to siddown....I need a cigarette....can't stop, gotta catch the bus..." She was trying to shake a Salem out of its box when she paused, mid-fumble, and looked at Wendell, who was sitting quietly underneath the bench.

"Cute puppy. What's her name?"

Oh, man, I thought. The week of gender confusion continues!

"He's Wendell!" I said. "And he's actually almost eleven."

The woman stared at both of us. "Why's she sitting there? Is she afraid?"

No, no, he's not afraid, I said. Just likes to sit under benches.

"Well, you should PET HER!" the woman said.

Well, okay, I thought, giving Wendell a little pat, which Wendell mostly ignored, because he was focusing on the door and the imminent return of Adam and Lucy.

"She's AFRAID of you!" the woman pronounced. "Do you HIT HER?"

Oy vey. "No, I don't hit HIM," I said, and decided to take Wendell for a stroll around the block.

Crazy people. Philadelphia's full of them.

We're off to pick pumpkins. More later....