Notes from all over...

For everyone who's asked, GOOD IN BED is still alive and well and in development for HBO. More news when I have it....

How old do babies have to be before you stop sneaking into their rooms late at night to put your hands on their tummies to make sure they're still breathing? Please don't say eighteen. I don't think Miss Lucy will be putting up with this when she's eighteen.

Saw the Marissa Jaret Winokur movie "Beautiful Girl" tonight on ABC Family and was charmed against my will. Yes, it was obvious, heavy-handed, manipulative, all of that, but she's such a sweet, winning actress -- with great clothes and hair to boot -- that I couldn't help getting drawn in. And I enjoyed it even though I was a little sad that, due to previous commitments, she'll never be Cannie.

(Ironic side note -- the working title for the project was "Big Girl." Which was the title an agent suggested I give to GOOD IN BED, way back when. I think it's best that both Marissa and I went in different directions.)

And now, the baby sock update. I've finally found socks -- little cuffed ones from the Gap -- that do not slide off La Lu's feet.

Of course, the socks had "Four for $10" stickers on the soles which I neglected to remove prior to our first outing in the socks, which led to one of my friends asking if Lucy was for sale.

Anyhow, the socks stay up, barring baby intervention. But Lucy likes to intervene. In fact, she's now decided that her absolute favorite thing to do is to extend her leg up into the air, wave her foot in front of her mouth and slooowly yank the sock off, before flinging it disdainfully to the floor. Or the street. Or beneath the wheels of her stroller. I'm trying to decide whether to buy her little shoes or booties for the purpose of keeping her socks on her feet. I never understood why there even were shoes for babies so small they weren't walking. I have since decided that the shoes exist to keep the socks in place.

I also ordered tights. She won't be able to yank tights off, right?


Last but not least, I want this. I saw it advertised during "Beautiful Girls" (when they weren't running the Vagisil ads for 'painful burning feminine itching,'), and I want it.

Even though I have hardwood floors, I still want it. It is so cute! It scoots around! And cleans your floors! And it zoobles under your bed! And I want it!

But if I can't have that, I want the new Stephen King Dark Tower book. Two weeks, one day and counting!