I may be in trouble here.

The Posh Tots catalogue has arrived.

I know, I know, it's ridiculous to even think of spending eight hundred and ninety-five dollars on a Pink Glass Italian Chandelier. Or a thousand bucks on a set of baby sheets. Or twelve hundred dollars for the Vintage Changer. But damn if I don't want at least one thing on every single page.

Why did they send me this? How did they get my name? And do they arrange to hit new moms when we're at our most exhausted and vulnerable, aiming for that moment of weakness or desperation where we'd actually believe that a thirteen-hundred-dollar Fantasy Wall Hanging will restore our vision of motherhood as a time of peace and bliss?

Must remain strong. Must not obsess over pictures of Brooke Shields' nursery in recent People magazine. Must remind self that own baby is at least as cute as Rowan Frances, even if own baby does not have Wendy Bellissimo-designed room in which to slumber.

In fact, may even resort to malicious fantasy that Brooke Shields' baby, in early act of rebellion, refuses to even sleep in fabulously cute nursery, instead preferring to invade parents' bed on nightly basis.

Anyhow. Life with La Lu is great, even without a Black Toile Rocker-Glider or a Screen Door Armoire (a mere $4500!)

We had a wonderful trip to Connecticut for Rosh Hashanah. Between my Mom and my Nanna, and then all my Mom's friends, I think I had Lucy in my arms for a sum total of fifteen minutes. Occasionally I'd catch a glimpse of a foot or an elbow, but that was about it.

Lucy acquitted herself nobly, impressing everyone with her pleasant nature, smiles, gurgles, and sleep habits. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until my Mom took me out for a walk.

"You know that it has nothing to do with you," she said.


"Lucy," she said. "Lucy sleeps well and is happy because that's her nature. You had nothing to do with it. And I don't want you to feel like you're doing something wrong if you next baby isn't so sweet or so smiley."

"I don't get to take any credit for this?"

"Nope," said my mother. "She is the way she is. All you can do is encourage it."

So there you have it. And whether or not I get to take any credit for having a most excellent baby, it was nice to spend the holiday with family and my Mom's friends. Lots of them were at our wedding, and it was really special to have them meet Lucy for the first time.

And when we got home, Lucy had her first rice cereal!

It was fun, but a little anticlimactic. She seems more interested in the accessories of dining -- sucking on the bib, gnawing on the spoon -- than the food itself. But who can blame her? The stuff looks like paste from a pot, which is about the way it tastes, too.

Ah, well. In a few weeks, it'll be on to oatmeal. Then mashed bananas. Then the world!