I had this whole long post prepared about Luther Vandross, and how he had a stroke after refusing to see a doctor because, said his manager, he'd gained weight and didn't want to get the inevitable lecture. I was prepared to discuss how rotten it is that doctors are so insensitive to the needs of plus-size patients that they're actually scaring them away from getting health care. I was going to offer up my own horror stories -- the doctor who told me I needed to exercise after I came in after hurting my ankle in step class, the ob-gyn who confirmed my pregnancy, then asked me if I'd ever tried Weight Watchers, and failed to so much as crack a smile after I blinked at him and said, "No. What's that?"

But the post seems to have vanished into the ether.


The one thing I did want to do was link to this site for plus-sized pregnant women.

Someday -- probably when Lucy's like five -- I'm going to get it together and write an essay about my pregnancy, and what I found useful and helpful (and what things were not so much), but for now, just check this out. It's got info on everything from where to buy a baby-sling that fits to how to find a midwife or doctor who will treat you right. I found it invaluable. Even though it had no information on where to find baby socks that will stay up.