Snappy answers to stupid questions....

Lucy: Wah!
Me: Is that the girl?
Adam: It's either that, or the house is settling.


Tomorrow I take my first sans-Lucy trip -- I'm going to Boston for the day to do a reading at the Cambridge Borders at 2 p.m..

I thought about taking her with me, but so far in the last six weeks we've done overnight trips to Washington, D.C., Baltimore and New York. They've all gone smoothly, but the readings ended late and night Lucy didn't always sleep so well afterwards. We're making a real effort to give her an actual bedtime, so I was hesitant to mess with her routine....especially since at the end of next week, we're going to be heading out of town for the Jewish holidays. Too much travel, I thought

Luckily, my publisher very kindly agreed to fly me in in the morning and back home that afternoon, so I'll be home to spend time with the girl (and also watch the Miss America Pageant. It's a sickness. Don't ask).

"A grown-up day," said one of my mom friends wistfully. Well, yes. But I'm feeling a little guilty. Or maybe what I'm feeling is guilt about not feeling even more guilty than I do. But I know Lucy will be in good hands.

Or, more likely, she'll be in her UltraSaucer. She LOVES the UltraSaucer.

See you in Boston!