Blogging quickly while Lucy has her personal body servant (aka Dad) administer a therapeutic spa treatment (aka a bath).

Warren Zevon died on Sunday afternoon, and even though we all knew it was coming, I'm still sad. I'm a huge, huge Zevon fan, and happy that I was possibly able to turn some more people on to his music by using his lyrics as chapter titles in GOOD IN BED ("Reconsider Me" and "Suzie Lightning" are the titles of two of my favorite songs....and, as an added twist, "Reconsider Me" was actually written in Philadelphia, at the Rittenhouse Hotel.)

If you don't know Zevon, or if you only know him because of his only hit "Werewolves of London," go pick up "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," or his latest, "The Wind." The man was a genius, and his lyrics are some of the most blackly funny or mournful and heartbreaking things around. Zevon could pack a novel's worth of joy or despair into a four-minute song, and I'm sorry he won't be around to write any more.

He was revered by musicians from Springsteen to Dylan, and was friends with lots of writers, and two of them eulogized him this week. Click here to read Dave Barry's moving tribute to Warren Zevon, and here to check out Mitch Albom's piece about....Mitch Albom. With a little bit about Zevon, too.

La Lu had her four-month birthday yesterday, and celebrated by wearing a sassy sundress and going to playgroup, where she lay on the floor and looked adorable. She's doing just great, except that she has perfected the back-to-front flip....only when she gets from her back to her belly, she decides that she doesn't want to be there after all, and it's cryin' time until one of us shows up to flip her back over. My friends assure me this won't last.

And I'm finally working on my book again! Whoo-hoo!

More soon.....