So much to say, so much to say.

Lucy survived her first family road trip with flying colors. On Thursday, Adam and I loaded up the car with all of the baby paraphernalia you need for even the shortest stay anywhere, including the co-sleeper thingee in case she didn't like the looks of the hotel crib, and drove down to DC. We got there in time for a quick lunch, and then Adam and Lucy went museum-hopping, and posed in front of the White House, while I did a radio interview and a bunch of drop-ins at different bookstores to sign copies of IN HER SHOES and GOOD IN BED.

I'm pleased to report that the well-regarded independent bookstore where the clerk was so snooty to me when GOOD IN BED was just out in paperback (they had two copies of the book, stacked way up in the dusty outer reaches of some hard-to-see shelf, and when I asked if, seeing as how the book was on the Washington Post best-seller list, they might be ordering some more, the clerk huffed, "Well, if these sell, we might!") was an awful lot nicer to me this time around. They had copies of both books, prominently displayed, and the very nice lady clerk said they were selling well.

Then Lucy and I shared a bubble bath and headed to Bethesda, where there was a wonderful crowd waiting at the Barnes & Noble. It was a really fun reading, with lots of good questions, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Adam and Lucy, not so much -- the girl started squalling mid-way through the Q and A, and Adam wound up pushing her around the block in the miserable humidity.

My favorite reading tidbit: when people arrived, they were given a numbered slip of paper with rules of how the reading would be conducted. It included lines like "Ms. Weiner will only be available to personalize books if time permits....we plan to continue calling numbers until all the books have been signed or until Ms. Weiner has to leave." Right. Because Ms. Weiner has so many other glamorous places to be!

Before we headed off to Baltimore we visited the Museum of Natural History, which featured, among lots of dinosaur bones, the Hope Diamond, and a gold-and-diamond pacifier, which we took a picture of, so that the girl will have something to aspire toward.

And on Sunday we celebrated Lucy's Hebrew naming ceremony. It was really lovely, and very moving. We had lots of friends and relatives on hands to share the day with us as Lucy received her Hebrew name.

The two funniest parts of the day were watching Wendell snatch and devour miniature bagels with lox. He'd eat the lox and cream cheese, gnaw on the bagel innards, and leave the bagel shells on the floor. Wendell, the Atkins dog!

And then there was the part of the ceremony where the cantor gave Lucy what was basically a giant cotton Q-tip dipped in Manischevitz wine. (For my non-Jewish readers, Manischevitz is kosher red wine that is sweet to the point of basically being a dessert topping).

First Lucy looked confused. Then she took a small, tentative suck. Then her eyes lit up and she practically inhaled the Q-tip and the stick it came in on, and sucked so vociferously that it took a major effort to pry the thing out of her mouth. It was very cute indeed.

Meanwhile, my new-mother screw-up of the day -- I accidentally sent one of her pacifiers through the washer and dryer. I can't decide whether I should re-sterilize it, or whether it's plenty clean enough already.