Alarming news on the baby front....the girl has flipped herself over.

Last week during the obligatory misery of tummy-time, she made the front-to-back rollover. I thought it might have been a fluke, so I put her on her tummy again once Daddy came home, and she very very slooooowly rolled herself over again. Adam and I burst into frenzied cheers and applause, which freaked Lucy out so badly that she started to cry, and I was sure she wouldn't even attempt the maneuver again until she was six.

Well, not so. A few hours ago I put her into bed on her back and came downstairs where I was sitting with my laptop and the baby monitor for about five minutes when I started hearing cries. I went back up and there she was, lying on her belly, basically face-planted in the center of her crib and not looking happy at all.

First of all, I think it's way too early for her to moving all around like that. And I know that this is how it starts. First they roll, then the creep, then the crawl, then they walk, then they start dating some twenty-one-year-old guy with a motorcycle and change their name to Zoe.

Oh, this is bad.