Vacation observations....

1. The rate at which I am turning into my mother continues to astound me. Piece of evidence number 1,732 -- in separate states, in different stores, at different times, the two of us purchased the exact same bathing suit.

2. Lucy has developed this new thing where, toward the end of a feeding, she will curl her little hand into a fist and start whacking at the side of my breast. In certain light, at certain times (i.e., the three a.m. feeding), she looks like a small angry bald man trying to get his change back from a vending machine. Twix bar! Twix bar! Goddamnit, I wanted a Twix bar!

3. Lobster roll. Ain't nothing wrong with lobster roll. Or Cape Cod League baseball. I am not much of a baseball fan, but sitting out on a lawn on a cool night and being less than fifty yards from the action is nice.

4. I could be dressing Lucy in much cuter clothes. Seriously. Lucy's cousin Olivia, who is six months old and who belongs to my brother Jake and his wife April, has peasant shirts and ruffled pants and many gorgeous little outfits with flounces and funky patterns. Lucy? Has onesies from Old Navy that I bought on clearance. I attribute this to the fact that April has great style and I have none. We are hoping for hand-me-downs.

5. Olivia can also sit up, roll over, giggle, shriek, hold her own bottle, and put her own pacifier in her mouth. We are hoping for all of this for Lucy, too.

6. Being in Cape Cod is like reliving parts of my childhood. I get to do all the things with Lucy and Adam that I used to do as a kid. We've already gone to the Wellfleet Drive-In twice (Finding Nemo was excellent, Charlie's Angels, not so much) and spent lots of time swimming in freshwater ponds and in the ocean. It's going to be hard to go home. Particularly if it continues to be 100 degrees and humid in Philadelphia.

7. IN HER SHOES goes on sale in paperback tomorrow!