The Wend is on the mend.

I think we've finally turned the corner here. Wendell slept curled up on a pillow next to my bed last night, instead of standing up panting and shaking. He wagged his tail a little bit this morning, even though it's mostly still tucked up against his backside, and sipped some water and chicken broth. He's moving more easily and whimpering and squealing a lot less. And tonight he accepted his antibiotics and pain pills embedded in little chunks of brie and pate (yeah, he's spoiled. Do not bother sending me emails telling me that he is spoiled. My Mom will take care of that).

We're all very grateful for all of the support we've received, from emails and links from other weblogs.

But I'm completely dismayed at how many people sent me horror stories of their own, about a beloved pet who got attacked, bitten, shaken, and even killed by unrestrained, uncontrolled dogs....and how many of those dogs' owners either ignored what was happening, ran away, or tried to blame the victim.

We still haven't found the guy who owns the dog who did this. I'm trying not to be angry about it and to trust that karma will do its job and that eventually he will find himself with his arm wedged down a garbage disposal with a broken on/off switch and will have some idea how my Wendell must feel.

But it's hard not to be angry, thinking of this dog out there, getting tied to park benches and parking meters, doing this to someone else's pet.

And it's especially galling to think that this guy's got a daughter. What kind of example do you think he'll be setting for her? How to take situations where you're clearly at fault and try to twist them around and blame the person who got hurt? How to curse and threaten a guy with a baby in his arms? How to look at a dog who's in pain and sneer "Aw, that don't look so bad?" How being an adult means never having to say you're sorry?

Argh. Okay, getting angry again. Must think happy thoughts. Like by next week I'll be sitting on a beach reading the new Harry Potter book.