Okay, is it just the sleep deprivation talking, or was the NBC Martha Stewart movie really, really entertaining?

I caught the first half of it when it first aired, and the second half last night, and my oh my can Cybill Shepard chew the scenery with the best of them. And the resemblance to the real Martha was nothing short of uncanny.

I suppose this is one of the plus sides of new motherhood -- lots and lots of time sitting in front of the television set. Miss Lucy is something of a desultory eater -- a nibbler, as it were -- which means that mealtime can take upwards of forty-five minutes.

That's a whole lot of Real World Hawaii.

And the downside is, I'm not sure what's good and what's crap any more. When you haven't really slept in three weeks, anything where the stars have their hair combed and are not sporting patches of spit-up on their shoulders looks pretty impressive.

I mean, The Amazing Race was spectacular as usual (and this may be the sleep deprivation talking, too, but I think Phil Keoghan's gotten sexier since last season). But Fame? I just don't know. I watched the whole thing, and I thought it was pretty entertaining, but was it really any good? I have no clue. And then I watched hours of the Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee -- my husband's latest obsession -- and spelled along with the contestants, while entertaining a brief but vivid fantasy of home-schooling Lucy and coaching her to spelling supremacy. Useless...but impressive!

Life with baby is pretty good, but very confusing. There's just no consistency with the girl -- the thing that seemed to calm her down on Wednesday at 1 a.m. has absolutely no impact by Thursday afternoon. One day last week, deep in the throes of one of her fussy fits, Adam found Mr. Rogers on TV, and was totally dismayed when the soothing cadences of Fred's voice failed to calm little Lucy. "I don't get it," I heard him mutter. "This man is like God to you people!"

Finally, Joe Weiner has questions. I've got answers.