Oh, this is bad.

Adam and I finally got to the movies -- we went to see The Matrix: Reloaded -- and we were both so woozy and tired that all we could do was laugh.

We were holding it together until the rave scene in Zion, which made us both giggle inappropriately -- it was supposed to be sexy, not funny, right? And then the old Councillor's complaining to Neo about how he doesn't understand the Machines, and all I could think of was my mother bitching about how she can't program her VCR. ("These machines! Who can understand them?")

And the restaurant scene with the Merovingian? Would have been much funnier if all that philosophizing had been interrupted by, say, a waiter. "Hi, I'm Brad, and I'll be your server tonight. Is this anyone's first time joining us? Yes? Well, let me tell you about your specials...."

By the time we got to the Architect ("Concomitantly...ergo...") we were both rolling our eyes, and Adam kept appending the phrase "my Paduan learner" to his every utterance, which wasn't helping matters much.

There was a lot to think about in the movie. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to think about any of it.

Also, I have somehow managed to lose my housekey. Which makes no sense -- I mean, I'm in the house, right? So it has to be here somewhere.

Maybe the girl took it.