Oh, the girl. She is her father's daughter.

Today we went to Baby Yoga class. Now, I really enjoyed the prenatal yoga classes I took while I was pregnant. Adam got dragged to one couples' workshop and enjoyed it somewhat less, as evidenced by his continually rolling eyes and sotto voce muttering of the word "hippies."

So today Lucy and I headed off to our first class. Little girlfriend got one whiff of the incense smell and scrinched her face up. We laid out our mat and pillow, and then she decided she was hungry. Class started, and she was nursing. Class progressed and she was still nursing. Thirty-five minutes into the hourlong class she finished up, burped mightily and I figured it was time to scoot her into position so I could do some actual yoga.

I scooped her into the air. She opened her mouth and yarfed all over her face and my shoulder and looked, I swear, very pleased with herself as I mopped her off. And then class was over.

But I can't really complain. She slept from 12:30 until 6 a.m. this morning. Life is good.