Hey everyone:

A very quick update, and an apology -- I won't be posting much for the next few weeks. Adam and I and Lucy Jane and Wendell are on vacation!

We're all doing wonderfully, especially Wendell, who got his stitches out today and is pretty much back to his small and feisty self. The other day he successfully defended the homestead via vigorous barking at a long-haired wiener dog on an extend-o-leash who was possibly even smaller and more funny-looking than he is. Today the leashed wiener dog, tomorrow the world!

Lucy's doing great, especially given the presence of Grandma Fran, who is happy to sit with in a rocking chair (and give me and Adam a break every once in a while).

As for me, I'm reading Oryx and Crake and the new Harry Potter (which is great) and swimming in the ocean (which is cold) and starting to think about writing again (in very small doses).

I'm sorry that the summer tour is so limited -- I've been getting lots of emails asking why I'm not coming to this city or that one for the paperback release of IN HER SHOES on July 7 -- but that's by design. I just don't want to travel much right now.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Cape Cod, New York, Bethesda and Baltimore (and probably Boston in August, but no date's been set yet).

Take care, everyone. More later!