Attention, Philadelphians: does anyone living in Queen Village know a guy in his twenties -- maybe six feet tall and skinny, with dark hair and dark eyes and olive skin, with a white and grey, blue-eyed Siberian Husky and a two-year-old daughter who lives somewhere in the vicinity of Fourth and Monroe? Because Wendell got attacked tonight, and the dog and his owner took off.

Adam and I and Lucy Jane were walking Wendell to Essene, the health food store at the corner of Fourth and Monroe. We rounded the corner and the dog, who was tied to a bench outside of the store, lunged at Wendell and bit him on his back and leg and shook him in the air. Wendell was squealing, I was screaming, Lucy Jane was crying -- and the guy sitting next to the husky on the bench didn't look too thrilled to be in the middle of it.

Eventually the dog let go of Wendell, who was bleeding down his side and couldn't walk. Adam tried to scoop Wendell up and I went into the store. Eventually Mr. Husky Owner came out. "Whu happened?"

We told him. He squinted at Wendell, who was shivering and whimpering and bleeding all over Adam's shirt.

"Well, he don't look hurt."

Trust us. He's hurt.

"Well, my dog was tied up."

Yeah, but not tied up tightly enough that it couldn't lunge at and attack other dogs.

He shrugged. "You've got a fuckin' responsibility! When you see a dog tied up, you cross the fuckin' street!"

Um, no, actually, sir, you've got a responsibility. If your dog goes after other dogs, you put a muzzle on it, or you don't leave it out where it can get at other dogs.

Luckily, a woman who worked at Wendell's vet was in the store at the time, and she helped me get Wendell to the office around the corner, where he is right now, under sedation, because the vet is trying to figure out how badly he's injured and whether his leg got broken or just bruised.

Adam stayed behind to try to get the guy to at least give us his name and number, which he wouldn't do. Someone in the store called the police, but by the time they arrived the guy was gone, and Adam wasn't about to go chasing after him with Lucy in his arms.

So....if you live in Queen Village and you know a young dark-haired guy with a white and grey blue-eyed Siberian husky who says he's got a toddler ("And my fuckin' dog never fuckin' touches her!") please drop a line to Let's use the blogosphere to fight crime!