This is a call to action.

According to USA Today, Fox has booted my beloved Frenchie Davis from the "American Idol" competition because she worked for an adult website four years ago.

No word on what she did there -- or who, or what, she did it with -- but let's review, shall we?

Over on Fox's "Joe Millionaire," the Joe in question posed in his skivvies, and one of the finalists did foot-fetish and bondage videos. Has Fox kicked either of them off the show? Nope.

On last year's "American Idol," third-place runner-up Nikki McKibbin worked as a topless dancer. "I was having trouble finding a job," Nikki said. "It was in the middle of summer. I was having trouble taking care of my son, so I did what I had to do to take care of him. I am not ashamed at all." Did Fox throw her off the air? Not so much.

There were Taheed and Ytossie, who went on Temptation Island to fool around on national TV, in spite of the fact that they'd had a child together.

There was Rick Rockwell, of Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire fame, who'd been busted for beating a girlfriend. Did Fox toss him? Quelle non! (of course, they claimed they didn't know).

And if you want precendent, glance over at CBS's "Survivor," where big winner Brian Heidik had starred in softcore porn videos. Did the network have a problem with that? Oh, no it did not.

Ladies and gentlemen, kicking Frenchie off the air just isn't right -- and, given who's come before her, it's a total double standard.

So here's what you can do. I'm going to try to figure out if there's anyone at Fox we can email directly, but for now, I found this petition online. Sign it. Tell the powers at Fox to stop being hypocrites and let Frenchie sing!