I forgot to say Happy Valentine's Day! So Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a wonderful celebration here at Chez Weinbo (chez Boner?), involving long-stemmed red roses and dark chocolates and a delicious homemade dinner made by my husband. The evening was marred only slightly by the card I gave him that said something about how I can't wait for us to become a family (Adam kind of glared at me and said, "We already ARE a family." Oops. Well, he knew what I was talking about, right? Right?)

Anyhow. I hope everyone in Philadelphia who's not snowbound will shovel off their sidewalks and join me and Tanya Barrientos at Chris' Corner Books at 20th and Pine for a brunch/reading/discussion at 11.

And those of you who are not in Philadelphia should enjoy this discussion on Fametracker of Accidentally Hysterical Scenes in Movies that were Meant to be Serious. My personal favorite is from "The Devil's Advocate" -- which, by and large, I think is an unintentially funny movie and which is almost always on TV -- where Charlize Theron, in a molasses-thick Southern accent, grabs Keanu Reeves by the shoulders and moans "Keh-vun! They took mah O-VAH-RIES!" Cracks me up every time.