The digital camera works!

That is to say, I got the battery and the memory card in the right place and have figured out how to take pictures, look at them, and delete the ones I don't like (and yes, this involved about forty-five minutes of chasing Wendell around two stories of my house with the camera. Shutup.)

I just can't get the software to load into the computer. I put the disc in the right place -- at least I'm pretty sure I did -- but it's not loading. Oh well. Adam will be home soon, and I hope he'll be able to make some sense of this. And soon I'll have pictures!

Meanwhile. My Mom is hocking me for taking the Bun to see "Old School." And the Bun seems to have taken up lap swimming. Seriously. I was watching the Grammys last night and I'd feel kicks and thumps on one side of my tummy, and then there'd be this very active flipping motion -- like a swimmer doing an underwater turn -- and then there'd be nothing for a little while, and then I'd start feeling thumps and fluttering on the other side. Not gentle ones, either. At one point I told Adam what was going on. He put his hand on my tummy just in time for the "flip" and pulled it away saying, "Oh, boy," and looking seriously freaked out.

As of today I am thirty-one weeks pregnant. Part of me can't wait to actually have the baby and not be pregnant any more, and part of me feels that I am completely unprepared for the actuality of an infant, and parenthood, and there's nothing I'm going to be able to do in the next nine weeks, give or take, that will get me ready.

But I did sign up for Baby Care Basics, Infant CPR, and Introduction to Breast-Feeding. And I got the digital camera pretty much figured out. Sort of. So at least there's that.