And finally, Frenchie speaks, to the Howard University newspaper:

""I was open with the information from the very beginning,'' Davis said. "There was no outside pressure for me to tell them, and my involvement with the website didn't even show up in the background check they did on all of the contestants....I just want people to know the site was not a child pornography site when I worked there," Davis said. "And I have never been involved in anyway with the abuse of children, which is what child pornography is."

So, just to review, Fox and 19 Entertainment knew back in November about Frenchie's work for the pornographic website. They didn't do anything until February -- when, the theory goes, one of the "American Idol" advertisers got wind of her involvement and said, "Uh-uh, not our Idol."

This is seventeen flavors of wrong. Bring back Frenchie!