Ow ow ow.

So far I've been enjoying a relatively discomfort-free pregnancy, but as of last week I started having this constant pain underneath my ribs on the left side. It feels sort of like a stitch in my side, and it's worse when I'm sitting, and better when I'm lying down on the couch watching Joe Millionaire, which unfortunately I'm not able to do all day long (by the way, didn't last night's episode have the funniest subtitles ever? Gulp. Slurp Smack. Sigh. Heh.)

I tried everything -- stretching, hot baths, long showers, water aerobics, lying down. Nothing worked except for Ben Gay, which helped a little, but also caused me to smell like an old person. Not good. I finally asked my birth class instructor what was going on, explaining where the pain was and how long I'd had it, and did she have any idea of what was going on, and she kind of blinked and me and said, "Well, you're pregnant."

Ah. Well, there you go.

She went on to explain that as the baby grows and your uterus expands, your other internal organs get smushed (I'm sure there's a more scientific term, but hey -- I was an English major), and you can wind up in varying degrees of uncomfortableness. So I guess that if this is as bad as it gets, I can take it.

The only other thing going on is that the Bun appears to have enrolled in some kind of fetal Jazzercize class that meets at four o'clock every morning. I hope this is not a harbinger of 4 a.m. wake-up calls to come, but I'm probably kidding myself. The Bun seems to believe that 4 a.m. is a perfectly good time to get up, and that everyone should be up that early! Which is usually what winds up happening. I wake up, then the dog wakes up and hops up into the bed, and then Adam wakes up and I lean over and whisper "Honey, it's time," just because it amuses me, even though I know this may someday come back to haunt me. Like, when it really is time, and I wake him up to tell him and he doesn't believe me and rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Thanks to everyone who sent in car advice -- I'll keep you posted on our purchase. And this caps everything -- my alumni magazine published a piece about me!