Further evidence that big girls are taking over the world....the fabulous Frenchie rocked the house on American Idol....and the girl she sang with was also not petite, and sounded great, and the two of them were just so lovely and confident that their rendition of "Band of Gold" brought joy to my heart and a tear to my eye (not that that's anything new -- what with the hormones and the emotions these days, I have been known to cry at Balmex commercials).

Seriously, though. If you're not watching, start! (Although I should warn you, if you're going to cruise the contestant bios, prepare to feel old. One of the women listed the first CD she ever bought as Madonna's "Immaculate Collection." Ouch.)

The under-rib pain has not diminished, so I have resigned myself to BenGay and the wafting scent of Eau du Aching Old Person that accompanies its use. I'm getting a massage tomorrow and hoping that will help.

Speaking of the elderly (as I frequently do), it's still freezing here in Philadelphia, so a few days ago I went to the Chic Petique and splurged on a coat for Wendell. Frequently, the smaller-sized pieces of petwear tend to be on the frilly, foofy side, so I was delighted to find a very plain and sober little coat for the Wend. It's tan canvas on the outside, lined with brown fur (fake) on the inside. Very dignified-looking, suitable for the middle-aged rat terrier who doesn't want to look ridiculous. If I ever get it together and buy a digital camera (which I guess I should do before the Bun arrives and the family starts clamoring for pictures), I will post a shot of Wendell in his old man coat here.

Finally, a reader writes to ask if I'd ever consider adding a link about books I love, which is a great idea, and something I'll be getting right to work on. I finished I CAPTURE THE CASTLE and am now busily recommending it to everyone, and I just started THE STONE DIARIES, and am entranced so far.