It's freezing here. It's like Philadelphia skipped fall -- or had it when I was gone -- and went directly to gray, windy winter. And I think all the touring caught up with me. I had such grand ambitions for the week -- the writing on Book Three I was going to do, the email I was going to answer, the errands I'd run. Instead, all I wound up doing was working on my Philadelphia Magazine piece, paying bills, and -- say it with me -- doing laundry.

But Halloween was fun. This was the first year Adam and I got to hand out candy. Last year at this time we were on our honeymoon, and the year before that our house was still a work in progress, and we were camping out in my third-floor apartment, where no trick-or-treaters came. But this year we gave away all kinds of premium loot, and put carved jack o'lanterns in the window boxes, and felt very grown up.

Tomrrow I'm on the road again, flying to Austin, Texas, and then on to Hartford, for Jewish book fairs. Hartford should be fun. On Wednesday I'm going to be speaking at the Greater Hartford Jewish Community Center where I went to nursery school. Then I'm going to be on WTIC radio, which I grew up listening to, with Colin McEnroe, who I grew up reading in the Hartford Courant. And that night I'm speaking at the West Hartford Public Library, where my father used to take the four of us on Saturdays sometime. It's going to be like old home week. The only problem? The Courant mistakenly identified me as the valedictorian of my high school graduating class, when I was actually one of four graduation speakers. Which means that any minute now I'm going to get an email from Joe Palmore, who likes to remind me that I was not the smartest person in the class of 1987, he and Kevin Katari were (and Faith Nirenstein was Most Likely to Succeed, in case you're wondering.)

But here's the good part. Instead of having an author escort, I Mom. "I'm taking the day off," the announced. "I'll drive you wherever you need to go." I reminded her that the last time she was in charge of my travel arrangements we were almost late to my reading because we got pulled over by the cops (something wrong with her license plate). She promises this time will be different.