Greetings from Chicago!

The tour's going great so far....fabulous readings, wonderful crowds, one slightly addled public-access TV host who called me "Deborah" (hey -- it's a nice name!), and a book party that was an absolute blast, featuring shoe-shaped cookies, a small blue dog (seriously!) and Vogue and Kenneth Cole staffers in tee shirts that read "Shoe Whore" (I spent large portions of the evening hoping my Nanna wouldn't get close enough to see them).

I love meeting you guys at the readings. I'm thrilled at how many of you really liked GOOD IN BED, and are eager to read IN HER SHOES. And, really, I'm astonished when people come up to tell me that they like the weblog. There's still a part of me that believes that nobody reads this but my family members -- and some days, not even them. So thanks to everyone who come, who read, who asked good questions, who said nice things.

So I'm trying to work on -- or at least think about -- my next book. And I picked up two freelance writing assignments along the way. I'm writing a tour diary for Philadelphia magazine, which will run in the January issue. And I'm doing a 300-word piece on the Victoria's Secret fashion show for TV Guide, which will run in early November.

The only trouble -- I miss Wendell. And then there's all of the fine, fine reality TV I'm missing, too. No Amazing Race (Adam joined me Friday, tape in hand, but we haven't been in a hotel with a VCR in the room yet). No Bachelor. I haven't seen Survivor once, and am depending on the Television Without Pity recaps to get me through. Oh, and this article about Sorority Life. The sisters of SAEPi are pissed!

So I'm in Winnetka tonight, at the Borders on State Street tomorrow, at the Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati on Wednesday and -- this is exciting -- doing a spoken word performance in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 20 at Spoken Interludes. The event's at the Tempest Supper Club (7323 Santa Monica Boulevard at 6:30 p.m..). It's dinner and a reading -- from me, plus Ann Packer, Whitley Strieber and more -- will run you a mere $25 bucks. Should be fun. See you soon!