"Did you see the New York Times today?" demands my mother, in lieu of 'hello.' "There's a piece by Anna Quindlen...."

"I saw."

"....where she's talking about how she used to be a reporter, and how that was great training to be a novelist...."

"I saw."

"You talk about that, too," says my mother. "She sounds an awful lot like you. Do you think she's reading your website?"

"I doubt it."

"And," my mother continues, "her new book sounds really good!"

(Important background -- the last time I visited my mother she was rhapsodizing to complete strangers about the "really great, very funny" new book she was reading. Which turned out to be EMPIRE FALLS.)

"Ma," I say patiently. "Do you think Chuck Palahniuk's mother is calling him up to tell him about the great article Jeffrey Eugenides just wrote?"

There is a pause. "You know," she said, "that Jeffrey Eugenides book sounds really good, too."

"That's it," I say. "You're going on the weblog."

"Oh, no!"

Oh, yes.

Also, IN HER SHOES was picked by Amazon.com's fiction editor as one of the top reads for fall. In a discussion with Publisher's Weekly, Brad Parsons says "Good in Bed is another book that immediately clicked with readers. Fans of Jennifer Weiner's first book are going to love In Her Shoes. It may seem a bit lightweight for a literary pick, but she's a wonderful storyteller and immensely popular with readers."

"A bit lightweight." Okay, that's it. You read it here first. I'm writing my next book about men. And I'm setting it in Prague.