Yay! Huge, exciting, IN HER SHOES news! Susannah Grant -- who wrote the screenplays for ERIN BROCKOVICH and EVER AFTER -- is going to be writing the screenplay for IN HER SHOES!

I'm still in a state of happy disbelief because, as I've learned over and over (and over) with GOOD IN BED, the deal with novelists and Hollywood, in a nutshell, is "don't get your hopes up."

GOOD IN BED still hasn't been optioned (although that might be changing -- stay tuned!) -- and I wasn't sure that IN HER SHOES would meet with much interest. It's about three women. There are supporting roles for men, but the story's mainly about chicks. Nothing gets blown up, the world doesn't get saved, and there is no alien and/or superhero component.

So I sent the galleys off to my brother Jake, and lo and behold, there was interest, spurred in part, I think, by the success of the Ya-Ya movie, and Hollywood was once more reminded that even a movie without male leads or explosions can do well. Fox 2000 optioned the book for producers Ridley and Tony Scott. Swell, I thought, but I tried not to get too excited, because the fact is that lots of books get optioned, and not all of them turn into movies, and frequently it takes months or even years to even get a writer attached to adapt.

When Jake said the Scott Free people were talking to Susannah Grant, I thought, pie in the sky. Hoping to get someone of her caliber to adapt your book is sort of the literary equivalent of saying, "Okay, and I'd like Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts to star." But she liked the book, and she's going to do it, and this is a huge step toward the book's actually becoming a movie, because Susannah Grant writes such amazing female characters, which means (we hope) that there will be lots of actresses interested in playing Rose and Maggie and Ella (and yes, I know that none of you know who Rose or Maggie or Ella really are, because the book's not out yet, but trust me. You'll like them!), and that once the huge stars commit, the film will be a go.

Meanwhile, all of my friends are thrilled -- thrilled, and asking for cameos. The lawyers all want to be in the law-firm scene. Joe Weiner wants to play a surly busboy. Me, I'm hoping I can be Disinterested Waitress at End of Shift at IHOP. ("Whadd'll yiz have?")

So here's where you can read all about Susannah Grant (she says she's a feminist! Yay!)

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