Some day, I'm going to get my act together and add a frequently asked questions link to But until then, here's a few questions, and a few answers.

Q. In the Q and A at the back of the book, you said you couldn't think of an actress to play Cannie. What about Camryn Manheim?

A: She's the right size, but the wrong age -- and I don't mean that in a mean Hollywood way at all. But Cannie's in her late twenties. Camryn's in her early forties. And I really think that the story changes a lot if the heroine gets older. The post-breakup mopery, the post-parental-divorce sadness, the career struggles and attendant insecurities....all those things make sense for a woman of twenty-eight, and make less sense for a woman ten years older. (Plus, it's my personal fantasy that whoever winds up producing GOOD IN BED will discover some beautiful unknown young actress who's just the right size for the part, and who will then become so famous and successful she'll no longer take my phone calls).

Q: So is there going to be a GOOD IN BED movie?

A: Stay tuned. I hope to have very good news very soon.

Q: What books can you recommend that are like GOOD IN BED?

A: That's a tough one. There aren't many books quite like it, in terms of the life-size protagonist, outside of SHE'S COME UNDONE, where the heroine has different issues (and which ends with her becoming thin, which upset me terribly). Books I love with strong, smart protagonists, and am always happy to reread and recommend include PEARL and ONE ON ONE by Tabitha King, RULE OF THE BONE by Russell Banks, ALMOST PARADISE and SHINING THROUGH by Susan Isaacs, WATERMELON by Marian Keyes, GETTING OVER IT by Anna Maxted, A DANGEROUS WOMAN by Mary McGarry Morris (actually that one has more in common with IN HER SHOES, but I still love it), OTHERWISE ENGAGED and THE ZYGOTE CHRONICLES by Suzanne Finnamore, WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID by Valerie Block, A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY by John Irving and anything at all by Anne Lamott. Also, I am obligated to report that IN HER SHOES, my next book, will be out on September 17. If you liked GOOD IN BED, I think you'll like that one, too.

Q: How long did it take you to write GOOD IN BED?

A: A year and a half, with a few breaks along the way.

Q: Will your agent read my book?

A: No. Sorry. She's not taking new clients right now. You can click here for my how-to-get-published opus, or here to read my agent's advice for writers and recommended reading list.

Q: Can you come speak at my book club?

A: I'm on book club hiatus. I feel as if I do one, I' d have to do all of them, and then I'd never get to spend a night at home. And the dog would miss me. My husband would, too. And I'd get behind in my reality-TV viewing, and then where would we be?