FYI, Jen's currently in the middle of an East Coast mini-swing that's keeping her away from her laptop for the time being, so she may not be able to reply to your emails as promptly as she'd like.

She wanted me to let you know, though, how much we both appreciate the makers of Aleve following our running of the Philadelphia Urban Challenge on Saturday. Jen and I were proud to finish 16th out of 70-some teams, taking about 4h 20m to get through the 12 checkpoints. No, we didn't win like our friends Paul and Kim did in the New York race, but because of Philadelphia's public transit system, we had to do a lot of running on a very hot day -- from Rittenhouse Square to the Italian Market, from the Art Museum to the end of Boathouse Row and back, and then some. We were relieved when it was over.

Still, it was a lot of fun, and while we're in no condition to do it again soon, we'll probably do it again next year. If they're coming to a city near you in the future, we highly recommend participating.