Oy, Justin. What was that song? Where was the love? The humility was nice, but can't you be sexy and humble at the same time? Not only did you get your curls kicked by Tamyra, Kelly and even bleating Christina, I think even R.J. topped you tonight. Ouch!

Anyhow, I'm still voting for you, and I've got four words for next week -- actually three words and a letter with an apostrophe. Terence Trent D'Arby. You could tear up "Wishing Well" for 1980's week. Or "Sexual Healing," but that's probably too much to hope for.

Meanwhile, do you all know about BookCrossing.com? Where when you're done with a book, instead of just hanging onto it or selling it, you "register" it online, then release it into the wild for another reader to enjoy by leaving it in your local coffee shop, grocery store, gym, hotel, etc.. I read about this in the LA Times. Today a reader wrote to let me know that there's a bunch of copies of GOOD IN BED that have been released.

Which fills me with mixed emotions -- as a writer, you want everyone in the world to go out and pay for a copy of your book, fall in love with every sentence, cherish it from cover to cover, recommend it to friends and colleagues, give it an honored place in the home and leave it to a worthy great-granddaughter in his or her will. But as an avid reader who's known the pain of having books piled knee-high on the floor because there's no more room on the bookshelf, it's hard not to support a program that's all about pleasant surprises and good karma. Plus, one of the nicest pieces of fan mail I got recently was from a (male!) high school student who found the book in the pouch in front of his airplane seat, read it, and loved it. (And I was delighted to read about the BookCrosser who was going to "release" her copy of GIB near the selection of Slim-Fast in her local supermarket!)

So it's all good....and to that end I left my copy of Ethan Canin's EMPEROR OF THE AIR on Amtrak train 189 tonight.