OMG!!!! Justin is SO FINE! I can't believe that we could have hired HIS BAND for our wedding, and he could have sung "For Once in My Life!!!!!!" If only I'd known!

Sorry...but what can I say? The pride of Doylestown brings out my inner fourteen-year-old. Also, his hair is basically Adam's hair, if Adam were to grow his hair for about six months, and if you could have hair like that in a law firm.

We voted for Nikki McKibbin, thinking that Justin, or, as he's known around our house, the One True Idol, is going to get through, no problem. And we like Nikki, and also, as a single mom who doesn't seem to be able to afford a non-shredded outfit, we think she needs our help.

So did everyone see the nice reference to GOOD IN BED and IN HER SHOES in this week's Entertainment Weekly's book section? You can't read it online -- it was basically a little article about how many pairs of womens' legs are showing up on chick-lit book covers, and how Atria's done so well with the GOOD IN BED legs that they're putting two pairs on IN HER SHOES. Also, because the book is called IN HER SHOES, and it's about two women, and shoes, so legs kind of make sense, but the article didn't say that, but whatever. It's still so weird and strange to pick up my favorite magazine and see my name in it.

Last but not least, there's a charity group auctioning off a signed copy of GOOD IN BED on eBay. Proceeds benefit a charity that teaches kids to read, or something equally worthwhile. Go on and get you some!