I'm back!

We had just about a perfect long weekend in Vermont, until the smog rolled in (damn Canadians!) We stayed in a hotel at the base of Mount Snow. Every morning I'd get up and drop Adam off at golf camp ("Do you have enough sunscreen? Did you remember your cap?") Then I'd head back to the hotel, check in at the hiking center, and go for a long, quiet hike up the mountain. It was really beautiful -- meadows full of wildflowers and butterflies, birds chirping, mosquitoes whining....seriously, except for the insects, it looked like a postcard, or like that idyllic scene they used to show at the beginning of "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey." (And do you see how growing up in an irony steeped culture has made it so that I can't even enjoy a Vermont meadow?)

Anyhow. It was really nice, and peaceful, and I wish I'd thought to take pictures. And bugspray. Either way, I got to take a break from obsessing over rankings, and where GIB is on the New York Times list (the good news -- it's no longer number 18. The bad news -- it's number 17, two spots shy of the published list. But hope springs eternal!)

I sat by the pool and read Elizabeth Benedict's Almost which I wished had gone into more depth. I don't like books who give you a character you wind up caring about, and then leave her in limbo, or give you kind of cryptic, loose-end statements where you're left to puzzle over what really happened, and what it really meant...or maybe it's just that I wanted the heroine to have an entirely happy ending, instead of just a sort-of happy one. That said, I really liked the main character, and especially the 11-year-old adopted girl who's looking for a mother. And I'm diligently working my way through The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint, which is, as promised, funny and sad, but is basically breaking my heart, so I may have to take a small break, and go back to re-reading Silence of the Lambs, and looking forward to Jenny Crusie's new book.

Meanwhile -- Candace Bushnell? Marrying a guy she's only known for eight weeks? Shoot, I've got things in my fridge that have been around longer than that relationship. And shouldn't there be some kind of one-shot rule for having your wedding featured in the Times? This is her groom's second wedding to make the column.

On the one hand, bride and groom both looked beauteous, and while I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight, I do think that sometimes when you know, you know ("like you know a good melon," as they say in When Harry Met Sally.) On the other hand....eight weeks? And she's on the rebound? Oy.