"Christina Ricci!" says my Mom, in lieu of a more traditional greeting.


"Christina Ricci. She'd be perfect to play Maggie in the movie of IN HER SHOES!"

"Um. Well. Okay, but you know, that's not really up to me."

There is a suspicious pause. "Why not?"

"Because," I explain, "once you sell the film rights, the studio makes the decisions about casting."

"Oh," she said. "Well, I think you should tell them to get Christina Ricci!"


Meanwhile, it's not a good day for Sixers fans.

I've got a few questions about this whole Allen Iverson mess. First of all, why, in domestic disputes, does it seem like the woman always gets kicked out of the house (or hotel room) naked? At what point in the fight does the husband say "Get out of my sight, get out of my house and, oh, before you go, take all your clothes off?"

And also -- attorney Chuck Peruto Jr.? Who said that Iverson "didn't do anything any other hot-blooded husband wouldn't do. He went out and got back what is his." Like his wife was a piece of luggage he'd misplaced. Like being a "hot-blooded husband" gives you the right to go chasing after your wife with a gun. Charming.