Boy, I'm just getting my world-view affirmed all over the place these days. Here's an article in which an eagle-eyed reader notices -- lo and behold! -- that most people published in the New Yorker are men.

And here's New Yorker editor David Remnick acknowledging that yes, there is an inequity, and yes, it will change!

Well, knock me over with a feather duster. This isn't the response you usually get when you notice or point out this kind of inequity. Usually you get blank stares, shrugs, and a covert blast of misogyny (in my covering-television days, the executive producer of a late-night humor talk show -- and no, it wasn't the one that made fun of my last name -- tried to justify his all-male writing staff by muttering something about how women just aren't funny the way his guy is, or that women weren't applying, or some such rot).

So three cheers to David Remnick. Now, can someone please do something about convincing the New York Times Book Review to run one piece reviewing women's fiction for every three they run about Gary Shteyngart or Jonathan Safran Foer?