Oh, so much to say, so much to tell you about. First, let me commend to anyone who watched The Hamptons the MightyBigTV recap of said four-hour brain suck. Specifically, let me commend these sentences: Except then we meet "Josh Sagman, Entrepreneur" riding in an SUV and braying into his cell phone....so swollen with male entitlement that he doesn't even need a fucking airbag." See, I wasn't the only one who found him repellent!

Next: the Meanest Book Review Ever. Seriously. You get the feeling that the critic not only really hated the book, he had something personal and specific against the woman who wrote it. Then again, I've been taking book reviews and book critics, and editors of book reviews personally a lot lately. As in complaining morosely to my agent, "My book's ahead of all these other books on every bestseller list I can find, and yet they're numbers 13 and 14 on the Times bestseller lists, and I'm number 16 and not even on the printed list, and they got full, respectful reviews, and all I got were two semi-dismissive sentences in the Times Beach Trash Round-Up. I think Chip McGrath hates me." Which I'm sure isn't true. Chip McGrath, editor of the NYT Book Review, does not hate me. Chip McGrath is too busy seeing whether it's possible to run a second profile of that hot young male Russian writer or, possibly, a photo shoot featuring Jonathan Safron Foer, to even know who I am.

More soon. Lots to talk about.