It is, perhaps, a testament to my own immaturity, that I found this from Modern Humorist so funny.

Also, if anyone needed a refresher course on the whole Mars/Venus thing, look no further than Bachelorettes in Alaska. These woman are getting dissed!

Think back to The Bachelor (as I so often and so fondly do). One bachelor. Dozens of women. All of them happily throwing themselves at him, willing to proclaim that he was their soulmate on the basis of a cocktail and a smile. Not once did any of them women ever reject the rose and turn him down.

Now, the Bachelorettes? Different story. Andrea's man, Kristian, says he's just not as into her as she's into him (which didn't stop him from pulling off her shirt in full view of the WeaselCam). Oof! Cecile's fella Tim dumped her in front of the entire group, saying that he lied when he told her that he thought of her as more than a friend, and telling the camera that he just wasn't attracted. Youch! And when they're not flat-out dumping the lovelies, the guys are whining about them. "She's too old for me." "She's too sophisticated." These poor ladies cannot catch even a small portion of a break. And, while I try not to engage in elitism or look-ism, I can't help but noticing that the bachelorettes procured for The Bachelor's delectation were a much more presentable, well-educated and well-employed bunch than the men from Alaska who the Bachelorettes get to pick from. (Sunday's show featured a 44-year-old contestant who'd been divorced twice). It's a double standard, and depressing, too. (Note, of course, that none of this means I'll quit watching anytime soon. Or anytime at all, for that matter. I have high hopes for Sissie and her hunk).