Hey, everyone, and greetings from the spa, where, so far, I have hiked on part of the Appalachian Trail, biked through Lenox and Stockbridge, contorted myself into a yoga pose my friend Susan calls the Dying Pigeon, and have the following funny thing to report.

In the therapist intake room, a mother and daughter are filling out their what's-your-issue form. "Why are we here?" asked Mom.

"Because we have problems getting along," the daughter said tersely.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that, dear," said Mom. "We want to enhance our relationship."

"We've got problems," the daughter repeated.

"I think...."



And now for the good news -- the film rights to IN HER SHOES have been optioned by Fox 2000 for Ridley and Tony Scott's production company.

Yeah, I know, that's not the book you've all been asking me about -- it is, instead, the book that hardly anyone's read yet. But you'll like it. Trust me! Details on the deal, and who might be attached to star, as soon as I have them.

So here's an interesting article about the bestseller lists, and how weird and arbitrary they all are. (For the record, GOOD IN BED is now number 5 on the Publishers' Weekly list of trade paperbacks, number 9 on the LA Times, number 29 on the USA Today list of every book ever, and number 18 on the all-hallowed New York Times. Go figure.)