For all of you Stephen King fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Dark Tower series, there's news about it here.

I'm really not sure what the overlap is between my readers and Dark Tower fans. It'd be a pretty interesting Venn diagram, I think. And it's a topic of particular interest to me right now, as I'm getting deeper into the strange world of Jezebel Bright, which is the title of my third book (to be published in 2004), and the name of its heroine. There's a talking dog in Jezebel Bright (the book, not the character, smart-ass). Also a haunted high school, and a summer camp where Things are Not as they Seem. It's something of a departure from the familiar world of single women in the city struggling with love gone bad and vexing families (although Jezebel Bright is a single woman in the city struggling with love gone bad and a vexing family. She just also happens to be the descendent of a mythological goddess, so she's got a few more things going on than Cannie did). And I'm curious -- and, quite frankly, a little scared -- to see how readers will receive it.

But that's getting ahead of myself.

Meanwhile, the Ya-Yas did, in fact, have a v. good weekend, which is good news for everyone who'd like to see Cannie and Co. on the big, or small, screen. And the wheels are starting to turn. Remember the line in the book where the slimy agent tells Cannie that there's only one bankable fat actress in Hollywood? Well, my agent's got a meeting with her this week.

More news soon, I hope. I hope. Keep all pertinent digits crossed!