All first-time writers dream about publicity -- the day you wake up in the morning to find your husband kissing you sweetly and murmuring, "Hey, guess what? Jay Leno was talking about you last night."

Well, evidently, Jay Leno was talking about me last night. Unfortunately he was.....making fun of my last name (yes, I thought I'd gotten past the making-fun-of-my-last-name thing in fifth grade. Guess not).

Here's the scoop -- my last name is Weiner, pronounced Wyner, the legacy of a long-departed daddy, the byline I'm stuck with forever. Adam's last name is Bonin, and when we got married in October, there was a very nice notice in the New York Times. Jay, it seems, mentioned it in his headlines last night. Weiner marries Bonin, hilarity ensues. Two readers emailed me about it this morning. And the really maddening part is that I wasn't watching (I've actually never watched the Leno show voluntarily, as I'm much more of Letterman kind of girl). I have no idea what he said....or, more importantly, if he mentioned the book!

But still. Argh! "It was the happiest day of our life," Adam said mournfully, "and he made fun of it!" It actually wasn't the happiest day of our lives -- for a variety of reasons, it ended up being one of the more stressful days of my life. But....I mean, gee, you can't control who you fall in love with, and you can't control what your last name is, and yeah, I guess it's kind of funny in a snickery fifth-grade kind of way, but still! Ouch.

Just tell me he mentioned the freakin' book!