Today on the SnarkSpot -- Snark Brother Joe Weiner Explains it All to Us.

hey jenny (Joe writes)

about anna's boobs. when she was a young dancer in texas her breasts were not proportional to her body so she got them augmented (enlarged).

i disagree that augmented "necessarily" means enlarged. It means better. Smaller can be better. She is a very smart lady, as evidenced by her courtroom proclivities. well smarter than larry king anyway.

congratulations about the new books and the high ranking.


I pointed out that "augment" is from the Latin word "augmentare," which means to make greater or bigger.

Joe still insists that "greater" can mean "better," not "bigger," as in "her boobs were greater when they were smaller." Then he calls me a nerd, and asks if he's still going to be on the website.

The answer is yes.