Oooh, I have so much exciting stuff to share! First of all, did everyone see USA Today today? Page 6-D in the lifestyle section, about summer's hottest paperbacks? I was walking Adam to the bus stop this morning, and we stopped at Wawa to buy the paper so I could check the best-seller list (and, by the way, are any other readers in WawaLand amused and/or confused at the way the convenience store seems to have plucked its latest ad campaign right from a NARAL brochure? Its current slogan is, "My choice, my Wawa." Which I, of course, have amended to be "My body, my choice, my Wawa." And also, "Keep your Laws off My Convenience Store.") Ahem. Anyhow. So we open up to the best-seller list, and there's GOOD IN BED at number 31, and I'm all excited about that, and then we flip back and there's a picture of the book in the hot paperback article! Whoo-hoo!

More news to come, but I did want to share that happy tidbit.