Ooh, ooh, ooh! The cover for IN HER SHOES is done!

Unfortunately, the cover is also at my publisher's office in New York City. They're overnighting it to me here in Philadelphia. I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight. I can't wait to see that cover! The artist is Honi Werner, who did the fabulous cover for GOOD IN BED, and many others. Any time I pick up a book and say, "Wow, great cover," and turn it over to see the artist's name, it's usually Honi. Step Ball Change? That's her. Same with the gorgeous The Side of the Angels, and Lucy Crocker 2.0, and so many more.

I cannot wait to see what she made of this book, and as soon as I've got something to show you, I'll post it.

In other IHS news, I get the copyedited manuscript back tomorrow, and have a week to go through it, fixing my myriad mistakes. So to everyone who wrote to tell me that there's an extra "the" on page 173 of GOOD IN BED, I solemnly vow to Be More Careful This Time.

Finally, a reader writes: how goes the blurb whoring? Not well. Our quest for quotes for IN HER SHOES has, thus far, netted us one very polite "sorry, I'm too busy" from Super Famous Children's Book Author Who Sometimes Writes Best-Sellers for Adults. And we got one "sorry, I don't do blurbs" from Ultra Famous Sensitive Male Author Guy Who Happens to be Lying (alas, I actually know someone who he broke his rule for).

The whole process is incredibly degrading and frustrating and it makes me disgruntled. So here's my second solemn vow of the night -- I will absolutely never be one of those authors who gives every petitioner a blanket No. I'll always try to remember what this part of the getting-published feels like, and what it felt like for GOOD IN BED, when I was a newbie author with no name and no connections, when the kindness of well-established strangers really, really made a difference (I will always remember Susan Isaacs in my prayers!). I don't want to be one of those authors who blurbs everything with equal enthusiasm, ("Not since Catcher in the Rye....."), and I especially don't want to be one of those authors who only blurbs her pals, but I most certainly never want to be one of those authors who always says no.