More advice for writers from the divine and beneficent Joanna Pulcini, agent to the stars (and me, too!) I'm going to affix this permanently to my whole advice-for-writers thing, but for those of you who want more, more, more, check it out.

And now for the rest of my happy news. Atria Books at Simon and Schuster (and Simon and Schuster UK) have agreed to publish my next two books!

Here's the run-down. IN HER SHOES, my second book, comes out in late September. The next book -- no publication date scheduled yet -- is what I'm working on now. It's called JEZEBEL BRIGHT, and it's about a single woman in New York City who discovers that she's the descendent of a race of superwomen, and that she herself has inherited their mythical powers (which, unfortunately, do not allow her to find a date, or dress stylishly). It's a bit of a departure, and a big challenge, and if I can pull it off it's going to combine elements of my favorite single-girl-in-the-city books (like Bridget Jones), and also all of the fantasy books I've loved, the books that take place in another world that's so original and riveting that you wish you could live there, or at least visit; books like Stephen King's Dark Tower series, or THE MISTS OF AVALON or Nicholas Christopher's VERONICA. Also, there's a talking dog in it. You cannot beat a talking dog.

And the book after that, way in the future, is going to be a sequel to GOOD IN BED. I can't tell you any more than that, except I think that the action's going to take place about 10 years after the first book ended, and that we're going to see a lot more of Joy.

So that's what's up. I'm very happy -- and in between riding my bike and going to the movies and buying way too many flowers for my little garden, and eagerly awaiting my first look at the cover of IN HER SHOES, I'm writing a lot.

Hope everyone's having a terrific Memorial Day!