Has there been anything more fun to watch on TV this season than last night's finale of The Amazing Race? It had thrills, chills, spills, and karmic justice. It was edge-of-your-seat TV. It almost made up for the utter lameness of last week's Death of Mark Greene on ER.

So what's new in Philadelphia, you ask? Well, I loved An Italian Affair even if there was a tiny shrill moralistic party that kept saying, "But she's having the titular affair with a married man! With a wife and kids! How can this be good for anyone?" The majority of me was not shrill or moralistic. The majority of me just devoured the book and decided it wants to go to Italy this summer.

IN HER SHOES is moving ever closer to its September 24 publication date. Currently, we are whoring for blurbs, my least-favorite part of the process. "Dear Famous Author. You don't know me and have no reason to help me, and probably have a three-foot stack of manuscripts holding up your picnic table topped by notes identical to this one, but could you please please please please please read my book and say something nice about it in, oh, say, the next three weeks?" Ugh.

My whole advice-for-writers link should be up very soon. It's like 10 pages long, and I'm just fine-tuning it and adding some links, so sit tight! And I'm also starting to compile another portion of the website called "Cannie's Philadelphia," which is for anyone who ever wondered whether places like the Reading Terminal, the Morning Glory Cafe, and the Pink Rose Pastry Shop really exist. Indeed they do, and I'll tell you where to find them.