Ozzy Osbourne. I don't always understand him, but I can't stop laughing. Is is true that MTV's planning a version with subtitles? Can I really be so lucky?

Also, if you wrote me an email in the last three weeks, I am not blowing you off! I've just gotten woefully behind, and I'm trying to answer everyone, and also put the finishing touches on IN HER SHOES, and also conquer Mount Laundry, which has been growing while I've been on the road.

Last but not least -- to everyone who's written to ask, "So where's your next book already?" I have some very exciting news. This isn't 100 percent official yet, but it looks as though IN HER SHOES will be coming out this fall, as opposed to next spring. Whoo-hoo! (Of course, that's a slightly panicked whoo-hoo, seeing as how I'm still revising the darn thing, and there isn't a cover yet, and I'll have to get ready for a whole 'nother round of reviews and publicity and trying to get my hair to look non-weird on TV. But whoo-hoo nonetheless!)