"Over wine and Chinese food, Amanda and Alex bond even more. Amanda wants to tell Alex how she really feels, and Alex tells her how many good things there are about her. Alex admits to the camera that he's kept her at a distance because he knows that she feels very strongly about him, but tonight, he's not going to do that.

The two go for a dip in the hot tub, and start to kiss. Alex breaks the news that the mansion he's staying in is a little different from his real apartment (editor's note: heh! I knew it!); Amanda doesn't seem to mind in the least. Later on, Amanda tells Alex how amazing she thinks he is, and that she is falling in love with him. They kiss some more, and Amanda tells Alex she has a surprise for him when they go back inside. They do, and Amanda surprises Alex … in a French maid's outfit. We hear the sounds of spanking behind the closed bedroom door."

I haven't seen the tape yet. Did this really happen? Is this how Amanda won the Bachelor's heart?

Oh, dear.

Meanwhile, back on the book front, there's a gorgeous ad for GOOD IN BED (now in its fourth printing!) in this Sunday's New York Times book review! It's suitable for framing, or last-minute Mother's Day cards.

And GOOD IN BED is also featured as a gift "for the mother who likes her books hot" in this month's Real Simple magazine, along with Valley of the Dolls and Lolita. The editors show it cleverly packaged in a fetching little bucket with a handle. Alas, the title they've given to the assemblage is "trash in a can." Oy.