I'm in Texas!

And I'm in another giant suite! With two bathrooms! And the management just sent up cheese and fruit with a note saying that they've had a long and honorable tradition of hosting authors when they visit Dallas, and that they hope I won't besmirch it with my antics, and my smutty title. Or words to that effect. "Boy, you must be a VIP," said the bellman, pulling my luggage into the huge closet, with a giant tuffet-thing in the middle, in case, I suppose, I get exhausted trying to pick out what to wear and need somewhere convenient to swoon.

Of course, this was after the staff at the front desk giggled over my book title, cooed over the cover, then studied the author photo carefully, looking from the book jacket to my face and then back again. "Well, you've been travelling," one of them said. Hey!

So Cleveland turned out to be pretty cool. Those morning guys I was worried about? Couldn't have been nicer. "Don't be so hard on yourself," the much-feared John Lanigan actually said at one point when I was unfolding one or another of my myriad insecurities. And even though my afternoon TV appearance on 15 Minutes with Fred turned out to be 15 Minutes with Joe (because Fred's on vacation, the lucky bastard), that went well, too.

"How does it feel to write a best-seller?" he asked. And I'm sure I managed to say something, but the truth is that I don't even have words for how totally amazing this whole experience feels right now, what with the great sales, and the wonderful emails (and I do read all of my emails, by the way, even though it's hard to reply to them right now because my internet connections are woefully slow). There's nothing to say about this that isn't a cliche, but it truly is a dream come true. And I don't think I'll ever get over the thrill of walking into a bookstore and seeing something I wrote. With naked legs and cheesecake on it. Life is so good. Thanks to everyone who's read the book, and who's reading this, and took the time to tell me they were amused, or touched, or laughing, or crying. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So after TV I did drop-ins, and then I went to the Cleveland airport and signed a whole cartload of books at the bookstore there. So if you're going to be flying to or through Cleveland, and you want a signed copy, they got 'em. I even drew little airplanes on a few. Well, they're supposed to be little airplanes. I'm not much with the drawing.

Okay. Am going to find dinner, then work on IN HER SHOES. If you live in Dallas, you can catch me live on "DFW Today" tomorrow at 10:40 in the morning. And I'll see all of y'all in at the Waldenbooks at the Northeast Mall in Hurst tomorrow night!