Hey, all! Hello (from) Cleveland! Had a great day here. Did radio. Did more radio. Did TV. Did a reading in the fanciest Joseph Beth bookstore I've ever been in in my life -- a store that had books, and a cafe, and also sold dishes and lotions and various things that smelled good. It was great! And the reading was good, too. The audience was split almost fifty-fifty between men and women, which is sure not something I'm used to (at New Words in Cambridge, I had the all-lady audience, which was very...comfortable. We laughed a lot).

But now we're in Cleveland. I bought some cards at the mall this afternoon, and when the woman gave me my change she said, "Go Tribe!" And my first thought -- honest to God -- was, "How does she know I'm Jewish?"

So anyhow, tomorrow morning I'm on the radio with these guys. Should I be worried about people where the station-provided biography advises, "People found him offensive, racist and vulgar, but good or bad, people were listening." Oh, dear.

But I'll worry about that tomorrow. Right now I'm so happy right now, because I made it home in time to watch The Bachelor.